Rent To Own Homes

Did you Know?

In 2005 the average Net Worth of a house hold that owned their home was over 5.5 times a household that rented.

For this reason, we would like to help more people benefit from Home Ownership through our Rent to Own Homes Program, and our plan is designed specifically to do just that.


At SMART choice we have developed a "Customer First" Rent to Own Homes Program.


This means that you, the customer, comes first and everything else is customized around you. How much you want to spend is determined by you. The home you choose is your choice and may include any home listed for sale within your budget.


Whether you are looking for a Detached Home, Town home, or Condo, we can help you realize your home ownership dreams with our newly created Rent to Own Homes Program.

We can help with:

  • Deposit issues
  • Credit repair
  • Finding a home anywhere in Canada

Our process:

  • Collect some basic information
  • Find the best method to help you with home ownership
  • Send you shopping for your perfect home!
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