Rent to Own Homes

How it works

Step 1. Review the information on our website. Contact us to clarify any questions that you may have or further details that we have not provided.


Step 2. Once you have decided that our Rent to Own Homes Program is right for you, we will have you fill out one of our applications. We will also ask for some additional information from you to get the application approved.


Step 3. We will per-qualify you for a maximum dollar amount. At this time you will also be given an approximate amount for your monthly lease payment.


Step 4. At this point, if you want to proceed, we will collect a $500 deposit from you to show your intent on completing the process.


Step 5. We will get you set up with one of our Real Estate Sales Representatives who specializes in Rent to Own Homes. You will work one on one with our Sales Representative to find the perfect home for you.


Step 6. Once the home of your choice has been identified, we will view the home, negotiate the purchase with the seller, and acquire the home. At this point, we know when you will be able to take possession of the home and we will be able to finalize your monthly lease payments.


Step 7.Once the purchase agreement is completed, we will have a short period of time to complete the home inspection. This is an integral part of ensuring you are going to be purchasing a sound home. Once we are satisfied, you will then pay the balance of your deposit and sign a lease. We will waive the conditions and prepare for the move-in.


Step 8. During this time, you will have many things to do including: giving notice to your landlord, acquiring Tenant Content Insurance, and having the utilities set up in your name.


Step 9. Once the transaction has closed with the seller, we will do a final walk through the property. We will then hand you the keys to your new home. You will now begin your rental term and our Rent to Own Homes Program will have helped another satisfied client with Home Ownership.

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