Does Your Credit
      Need Some Help?

Ladder to credit repair

Let us help you take some steps!

Start with Smart Choice

If you have experienced credit setbacks in the past (even significant ones) or have no credit history at all we would encourage you to help your credit situation by starting with Smart Choice. We will start you off on our Lease Ownership program where everyone is approved and there is no long term commitment.

Build a short history

With just 6 short months of on time payments you will be offered one of our financed sale transactions. Through this step you will experience lower payments, save money and put yourself in a position where your payments count towards something greater than just the item you are purchasing.

Report to credit bureau

Our financed sale transactions are reported to the credit bureau on a consistent basis. We are the only Lease Ownership Company that currently offers this service and we are very proud of it. This service can be a huge step for some of our clients and really put them on a great path.

Improve credit

This reporting will allow your good payments to help build a solid payment history on your Smart Choice account. Not only will Smart Choice see this, but also any company who runs your credit file. This credit history will be one of the factors that impacts your credit score. With an improved credit score, you are more likely to be approved for better credit terms both at Smart Choice and elsewhere.


*Also, by keeping a good payment history you will always qualify for reduced payments on future transactions with Smart Choice.

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