Home Staging

People often find the home of their dreams when the desire for a new beginning fuels them. They may have already planned a makeover for their new home – as they begin a fresh start in their lives.


Individuals are enticed by and drawn to a house when they can envision the possibility of it being their home. It can happen in an instant, as they cross an entranceway. They envision the layout of each room’s furniture and their desired paint colours, complimented by accents. They may have taken a mind’s eye picture of their family around an inviting dining table, or of them gathered in the cozy living area for an occasion.


Home staging offers the potential buyer options if they are contemplating new merchandise and a layout with a fresh, new look. Buyers browse leisurely through a home, contemplative and enveloped in possibilities. One walk through this beautiful home, arranged with such attractive and perfectly-suited furnishings, may trigger the ‘it’s just what I always wanted’ response.


With home staging, you can uncover and showcase the best features of the house –the home of their dreams - because you have partnered with SMART Choice for home staging. Buyers will be surprised and awed by the expert arrangements of beautiful furnishings and decor – partnered with a carefully-chosen, decorative accents, appliances, and home electronics. And you will be both surprised and confident about the affordability, ease, and outcome of home staging.


SMART choice offers everything you need for home staging. Choose one of our unique packages or combine one or more arrangements to suit the layout and number of rooms, your desired look and feel for the home, and your budget. Our home staging packages feature wholly or partially furnished options for every room - with reasonably- priced and minimal rental periods, delivery and setup options, new merchandise, custom packages, and more. With home staging, you will have the house sold in record time. Home staging packages from Smart Choice also include appliances, computers, and accessories – all with a guarantee of quality and customer service to make your customer experience - and a quick sell - memorable.


Visit SMART CHOICE and browse an impressive showcase of home staging opportunities. We want to build a rapport and partner with you for success. If you have further questions or would like to see a home staging showcase – follow the links on our website – and then meet with us to discuss details concerning room furnishings, layouts, and decor. Make a house feel like home when you explore home staging opportunities at SMART Choice.